Cada miércoles nos adentramos en la cultura cosplay (costume play) para poner en tu pantalla las mejores imágenes de este fabuloso arte visual. Al mismo tiempo agradecemos a todas las personas que dan vida a tus personajes favoritos del animé, los cómics, los videojuegos y tantos otros.

Hoy, en una edición especial, destacamos el trabajo de Anissa Cosplay. ¡Disfruten!





THANK YOU for almost 30.000 Followers!! As a Thank You you will get FREE SHIPPING WORLD WIDE on all orders over 29$ until 31.01.! Simply use Code: FREESHIP LINK IN BIO Thank you so much! Honestly I NEVER expected so many people to actually like my work! But I really want to get to know you guys now! Show me your work! I want so see your Cosplay/Photography/Art/Whatever Stuff! Link me your stuff in the Comments! Also I’m thinking of starting a few more projects in the future! More Costumes and maybe do some tutorials, videos, english live Streaming and maybe start a patreon for extra stuff! Do you have any Ideas what I should do or maybe cosplay next? TELL ME! Cosplay: Zero Suit Samus Photo by @zenogaich_photography

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Hi #slaybellekatarina #katarina #leagueoflegendscosplay

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Tomorrow is Dokomi! Who will be there and wants some free Prints and Cookies? :)) #repost but I just Love this pic by @hellfoxphoto

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Random selfie from last week :3 so excited for comiccon this weekend in Dortmund! :3 who will be there? :3

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